Creates diagrams from textual descriptions!

Kroki provides a unified API with support for BlockDiag (BlockDiag, SeqDiag, ActDiag, NwDiag, PacketDiag, RackDiag), C4 (with PlantUML), Ditaa, Erd, GraphViz, Mermaid, Nomnoml, PlantUML, SvgBob, UMLet, Vega, Vega-Lite and WaveDrom... and more to come!


Service Version
/actdiag 2.0.0
/blockdiag 2.0.1
/c4plantuml 1.2020.4
/ditaa 1.3.13
/graphviz 2.40.1
/mermaid 8.4.8
/nomnoml 0.6.2
/nwdiag 2.0.0
/packetdiag 2.0.0
/plantuml 1.2020.4
/rackdiag 2.0.0
/seqdiag 2.0.0
/svgbob 0.4.2
/umlet 14.3.0
/vega 5.10.0
/vegalite 4.8.1
/wavedrom 2.3.2


Kroki provides a production-grade service with great performance and SLA. If you want to know more, please 👋 contact us.